• Advocacy Program
    This program provides intensive one-on-one services to youth referred by the Department of Child and Family Services. Some of these services include mentoring, role modeling, and social skills building.
  • Family Habilitation Program

    This program promotes permanency by maintaining, strengthening, and safeguarding the functioning of families. These in-home services work to increase the parent’s ability to provide adequate childcare and to improve parenting skills. This includes helping families during times of crisis.

  • DCFS Medicaid/Community Mental Health Medicaid

    Mental health assessments and counseling services provided to children and adolescents that meet Medicaid mental health criteria.  All counseling services are provided in the home or school of the identified client.  Counseling services are open to any appropriate referral from DCFS or the Macon County area.

  • Visitation Program

    Service provided to DCFS clients who are working towards reunification with their children who have been removed from the household due to abuse and/or neglect. Services include transportation to and from visitation and supervision of visitation between family members.

  • Extended Family Support Program

    Services offered to homes that are not open DCFS cases but are relative placements that require intervention to maintain the placement. These services include assistance with court proceedings, purchase of supplies or necessities for children, and referral linkages.

  • Youth in Transition Program

    Case management program designed for adolescents who are at risk of becoming homeless upon emancipation from the Department of Children and Family Services. These services include: assistance with locating housing, employment, and other items necessary to sustain independence within the community.

  • Norman Housing Advocacy

    This program provides services to DCFS clients who lack adequate housing. A home interventionist helps families by locating and securing appropriate housing.

  • Family Advocate/SARs

    This program provides intensive in-home services for abused and neglected children and their families. This 6-9 month contract serves intact families in order to prevent out-of-home placements.

  • Basic Center/Crisis Shelter

    Temporary shelter for youth ages 10-17. Including housing and structured programming for up to 21 days, intended to begin re-building family connections to avoid future runaways, lock-outs, or youth homelessness.

  • Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services

    In addition to the 24 hour crisis intervention services that are available to youth and their family, this program provides community-based interventions including: formal assessment, counseling, case management, weekly teen groups, and linkages with other services in Macon and Piatt Counties.

  • Community Access/ReDeploy

    Community based program designed to deliver intensive in-home services to high-risk juvenile offenders and their families. Some of these services include assistance with housing, budgeting, paying bills, housekeeping, etc. Services also include assessment, treatment planning, and family counseling. This program stabilizes the family in order to reduce the number of commitments to the Department of Corrections.

  • 2nd Chance Reentry

    Community based case management services provided to juveniles upon entering into Illinois Juvenile Detention Centers and continuing while they are incarcerated and upon re-entering into the local community.  This program seeks to provide necessary supports to eliminate future commitments.

  • Court Recommended Supervised Child Visits

    Services include Youth Advocate Program staff providing the location for a child visit and supervision of visitation between family members.